Saturday, May 30, 2009


Elizabeth Wald's story:

Let me tell you like it is. I have been blessed with a handicap. This may sound strange but it is really true. Having lost my career as a fitness instructor to daily pain and nerve damage from foot surgery - it was funny how I just kept on going until my body gave out. I was in denial. I really never gave thought to my Rheumatoid arthritis.
What can be the most beautiful result of this?
I will tell you, my RA friends. You learn who you are on the inside. You respect your limitations. You get rid of those myths that the outside has to be beautiful. In my generation, I grew up with the narcissistic mother. I was never good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, and when I got ill, I looked great to Mother - after all - I had lost weight and looked anorexic! What was missing in this generation was the concept of EXERCISE. Movement. The intrinsic values of feeling strong and healthy. The inner values of exploring our creativity. This was never top priority throughout my childhood, which extended to my adulthood.
Suffering from physical pain every day, I have learned that people do not want to hear about it. This is when you learn who your real friends are........... TO READ MORE OF LIZZY'S STORY AND VISIT HER WEB-SITE GO TO ...

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