Saturday, May 16, 2009

A copy of an email I have received this Morning from a faithful follower whom I hold the utmost respect for, Lizzy

RE: As a donor, through my husband, ,HKMS gave as a gift to me for Christmas, a donation. I feel compelled for you to link all URL, ss feeds and blogs to this most valuable book - developed by an amazing woman and friend - who has beat all odds - who like your own missions, only seeks to help people suffering from all forms of Arthritis.
In addition, it has been a pleasure to have spoken with the directors of your organization. As I suffer too, from RA -this book is going to be a winner. Feel free to add comments to the blog. It is outstanding. Real practical advice for real people suffering from a real disease.
My best to all of you!
Elizabeth Kvaale

Thank you Lizzy you are a wonderful friend!

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