Monday, May 18, 2009


Good Morning All!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. This morning I would like to talk about preparing for the summer gatherings. As you know the family picnics are right around the corner as is all the work to prepare for them. Lets imagine you have 40 people coming for a picnic this Saturday, and you are expected to prepare the food. It is Monday morning and your joints are aching, your body is tired, your may thinking I surely have to feel better by the weekend. As we all know when you have arthritis there is no guarantee that you will feel any different on Saturday than you do on this day. However; there are things you can do. Start your day off with a nice long hot bath or shower, dress in lose fitting comfortable cloths and most importantly pace your self. You have to find a happy medium between your daily act -ivies and rest, never allow yourself to become completely exhausted. Next make a plan! Sit down and plan out your week. For example Monday shopping for the picnic or party, nothing else on this day just shopping! Tues gathering all decorations and supplies needed and so on. Plan your menu with plenty of make ahead dishes. Delagate authority! give other family members jobs to do. Ask some of your close friends to pitch in with the preparing of the meal. The day of the party or picnic allot time to rest between activies, Then enjoy your guests. When I have to prepare alot of food my hands swell. I will let you in on a little pain reliving swelling reducing secret. I fill a thick square glass with ice cubes and a cold drink while I am visiting with my guests I wrap both hands around the drink . This helps with the pain as well as reduces the swelling and no one is the wiser. When it is time to clean up, inlist every spare hand. Do not be a hero, when your friends ask to help LET THEM! I know you are saying I am the host I need to do it all, not anymore you don't. Your friends and family know you have arthrits and its OK to accept thier help. So the next time you are planning an event follow these few rules and your event will be less painful.

Its even OK to ask the kids to help prepare the food, You may or may not want to serve it to your guest but you will create an ever lasting memory as I did above with my grandkids. Have a wonderful pain free day!

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