Saturday, May 30, 2009


Acceptance may be one of the toughest things one faces in life. Some need to accept a new family member or a loss of a loved one, others a boss that is a real Jerk and then there are people like myself that have to accept pain and sickness. Whatever it is you need to accept it never seems easy. My Mother used to tell me you live to you die. I have adapted her theory to fit my situation, Yes you live until you die, but what you do in between is your choice. You can spend your time by simply existing or you can be productive and live life to its fullest. I personally have chosen the latter. I have not always felt this way. Being born with a birth injury and developing five forms of arthritis in my twenties made it really hard to see any light much less one at the end of a tunnel. But I found my light. Believe it or not having rheumatoid arthritis has shown me the way. When I first developed the disease I thought it was just an ache and a pain, no problem I will take an aspirin. I was so very wrong ! Pain is an understatement and deformity is a given! It was not only just an ache and pain it is a very debilitating and crippling disease that effects more than 46 million people in the US, 300,000 of that number are children and those numbers are rising.

RA steals the patients life slowly starting with employment and eating its way through the family and friends unit. RA , also causes the person to feel constant pain at some level and always being tired or having the feeling of being worn out does not help matters.

I think one of the most frustrating things about arthritis is people simply do not understand the disease. When you tell people who have no arthritis you have RA,or RSD, or Fibro , Lupus or one of the over 100 different forms of arthritis, the reply is I think I may have it , my elbow hurts when it rains, my favorite is hey I got an aspirin that will do the trick. Knowledge is power. It is our job to make the American public aware of the severity of arthritis and auto immune system diseases and who it effects and how they can help us in our battle against it. I got a little off track.

Lets get back to acceptance. It is really hard to accept the fact that you have this awful disease. A million thoughts running through your head on what happens now. Well; what happens now is up to you. You control your destiny not your disease. Yes, there is pain, deformity loss of job, friends and family members tired of you being sick. All of this is not only difficult but life changing . You are now at a point in your life where you decide what you are going to do with the hand dealt to you. You can not give it back or give it away, you are stuck with it for better or worse its your hand. The only thing you can do at this point is move forward. Reinvent your life. Take steps to turn your adversity into a positive. Use your disease to help others. The person you help may not even be handicapped or physically challenged in any way. The person you help may become stronger just by watching your strength. They may follow their dream just because you never gave up, you fought and persevered despite your disease. Remember someone is always watching you. It may be your son or daughter a friend or stranger, no matter who it is your actions could change their life. I have devoted my entire adult life to helping others. I am following my dream. I now invite you to follow yours. I would love to hear your story. Come join me on my new web site where you can share your story and enter a recipe contest learn ways to cope and so much more. Do not forget to sign the guest book or better yet Join!


Anonymous said...

I have RA had it for years. I am now on Humira that med is working fine for me now. Is the Lime Cake as moist as it appear? What is Lime Zest? I plan to make this cake tomorrow.

Jaz said...

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